Logo Design with a Friendly Twist

When a local pretzel company wanted to update their logo, these initial concept put some heart in their identity.


Adding Personality to Music Lessons and Repair

J.S. Woodwind has been fostering the musical arts for years through priceless lessons and quality repairs. When it came time to update their identity, it was important to show the creative foundation that they support so well.

Rocking Concepts for a Philly Guitar Star

Once in a while you get to work on a project for a client who you’d never expect. I was lucky enough to do some concept work for Philly based guitarist Dave Weiner (daveweiner.com, guitopia.com, phillyguitarclub.com) a few years ago. The following samples were concepts for two of Dave’s side ventures, The Philly Guitar Club and his teaching site, Guitopia.

Coupling the Past to the Future.

Web sites show their age very quickly. This is a concept redesign for an industrial coupling manufacturer. Had they taken on the project, the design would have encompassed web, social media as well as updating their print collateral to create a more unified marketing theme.

Original Homepage
This dated homepage does nothing to project the qualities that this company represents in the industry.
Concept Redesign
The idea was to provide a clean and professional look to show that this company is an industry leader.

Stock Photo Samples

Photography is another love of mine. Everywhere I look I see something I want to capture. An angle, a certain cast of a shadow. The world can be a beautiful place if you just look around. I offer reasonable rates on use of my stock photography. Contact me for details.




Creating an identity for an organization is a very special job. This ministry does so much to bring youth into the world to share the message. The concept was simple, playful and the flash of light is made of a hand within a hand to emphasize the helpful aspect of the organization.

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